Haircare Ideas for Travelers to Maintain Clean and Fresh Hair

Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair While Commuting to Prevent Bad Hair Days

  1. Use a shampoo that fights dandruff

Among the most crucial hair care advices for commuters is this one. You can take preventative action by using an anti-dandruff shampoo even if you don’t have dandruff. In this manner, even when you’re stressed up by commuting and the bustle of city life, your scalp won’t act out.

2. Wash hair in the morning

This is a no-brainer since showering and washing our hair are part of our morning routine. When you wash your hair before you leave the house, you get that presko feeling. You also start with clean hair that is ready for any hairstyle you want to wear for the day.

3. Use a good conditioner

Shampoo alone is not enough because it can make hair dry after removing excess oil and dirt. A hardworking conditioner helps keep your hair moisturized so that it stays soft and smooth all day.

4. Cover your head with a bandana or headscarf

When riding the jeepney, tricycle, or buses with open windows, it is best to cover your head to protect your hair from pollution. Your bandana or headscarf can even serve as a fashion statement so you can also commute in style.

5. Tie or braid your long hair

While wind-blown hair makes for an Insta-worthy pic, it is not a pretty sight when commuting, especially when riding the jeepney. Keep strands off your face and off the faces of your fellow commuters by tying your long hair. Even a low ponytail would do the trick. If you have a bit more time in the morning, go for a French braid or Dutch braid. These simple hairstyles can last all throughout your commute so you still look chic when you arrive at the office.