Hair Brush Detangler



About this item
【Noise Reduction without Speed Reduction】Hair dryers are equipped with 110,000 RPM high-speed brushless motor, wind speed can reach 23m/s, high speed professional hair dryer ensure high output airflow and noise could control within 59-78dB, does not affect family rest, fast hair drying within 2-7 minutes.
【Professional Negative Ionic Hair Dryer】High concentration of negative ions. This professional hair dryer has 200 million negative ions, with high wind speed could quick block a protective film on the surface of hair. Long-term use can improve the shine of hair, repair hair scales.
【3-color LED Ring Light & Magnetic Nozzle】Nylon glass fiber mirror back, full of senior sense. Magnetic nozzle could rotate 360° for easier use. Gently press the temperature control button to change the color, red indicates 80 degrees of hot air, yellow indicates 55 degrees of warm air, green is cold air.
【Extreme Comfortable Use Experience】 The hair dryer weighs about 410 g /0.9lb with 2.5m longer power cord , ergonomic handle design brings perfect grip feeling, compact body suitable for family and travel. And the bottom filter mesh is 0.02mm precise, safe use does not inhale hair, portable hair dryer is also safe for kids and pregnant moms.
【100 times/s Accurate Temperature Control】Extended service life with safe Use. This ionic hair dryer could reach 100 times/s closed-loop temperature control to ensure the temperature stability of the outlet. Low electromagnetic technology, making compact hair dryer be more safe for the children and the pregnant.